Rehabilitating Injuries With Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections for Injury Rehabilitation

Platelet-rich plasma therapies are designed to enhance the body’s natural healing process. At Regional Hand Center, we utilize the latest PRP injection protocols to rehabilitate a wide range of bodily injuries. Studies have shown these treatments are well-tolerated and effective, producing minimal side effects. Today’s athletes have begun to flock to our clinic due to these developments.

How to Use PRP Treatments

Platelet-rich plasma uses the powerful healing properties in our patient’s very own blood. The PRP is extracted through straightforward process, resulting in a potent platelet substance concentrate. A simple blood draw is conducted before the smaple is spun in a centrifuge, effectively separating the PRP fromthe rest of the blood. Then, the isolated PRP is injected into the injured area, coupled with any blood plasma harvested. PRP contains numerous growth factors that aid and activate natural healing processes. Once injected, the body begins to repair damaged muscle tissue and supports regrowth.

Originally, doctors discovered platelets’ impressive healing powers after observing flesh wounds. Broken blood vessels will form blockages made of pure platelets to stop bleeding. Afterward, these platelets signal nearby white blood cells to start making repairs. Our orthopedics department also utilizes this fundamental technique to treat tendons. You can have PRP injected into a specific site, such as a ruptured humeral tendon. Targeting particular injection sites can help to alleviate localized tissue damage and aid in speedy recoveries.

What Injuries Can Be Treated With PRP?

Numerous tendon injuries benefit from the use of platelet-rich plasma infusions. If you hurt your elbow during a heated tennis match, that tennis elbow becomes a prime target. Additionally, patients suffering from osteoarthritis often experience relief with PRP injections. Surgical injuries may heal more rapidly with concomitant administration of PRP injections.

Risks, Hazards, and Potential Shortcomings of This Technique

A lot of rumors run around in the general public when it comes to cutting-edge treatment science. For example, you may have heard there is a risk of tumors developing after undergoing this procedure. Fortunately, this is unfounded as we utilize patient-sourced platelet reservoirs. Few physical side effects are ever reported. Nevertheless, this treatment does have its limitations:

  • PRP injections may not be administered simultaneously with anesthetics. The addition of any acidity or alkalinity can disrupt the treatment’s efficiency. You will feel some pain accompanying each treatment session.
  • Anti-inflammatory and steroidal drugs are a major contraindication. You must stop taking them at least two weeks before each injection. Grouping these drugs can hurt your results.
  • Many health insurance policies refuse coverage for PRP-based treatments

Despite these flaws, many of our patients have seen great success.

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