The Influence of Seasonal Activities on Hand Fractures

May brings an explosion of life in Fresno, Merced, and Visalia, California. As the trees garnish their green attire and flowers come into full bloom, residents eagerly indulge in outdoor activities like gardening and sports. However, this enthusiasm and sudden increase in activity also bring an upswing in hand fractures and other hand-related injuries. In this blog post, we delve into the reasons behind this trend and share ways you can enjoy seasonal activities while keeping your hands healthy and safe.

Gardening and Sports Give Rise to Hand Fractures

The regions surrounding Fresno, Merced, and Visalia spring to life in May, inspiring many to partake in gardening and outdoor sports. However, these activities also significantly contribute to heightened occurrences of hand fractures. Whether it’s a green thumb, an energetic round of baseball, or a friendly volleyball match, the sudden increased hand usage combined with the unique demands of these pursuits can lead to injuries. Lack of training, insufficient warming-up, improper use of equipment, or simply an accidental fall or sudden impact can all result in bone fractures in the hands.

Gardening Grievances

Gardening might seem like a calm, serene activity, yet it poses risks to our hands. Sudden twists and turns or excessive force during digging or pruning can easily result in a fractured wrist, finger, or hand.
Regarding sports, injuries often occur due to high-intensity, quick reflex-based actions like catching a ball or breaking a fall, putting the hands at risk of fractures. Being struck with a rogue ball or jamming your fingers are both common causes of injury during this season of outdoor play.

Keeping Your Hands Safe

Fresno, Merced, and Visalia residents can adopt several measures to avoid these unfortunate mishaps. Wearing the appropriate safety equipment, adequate training, stretching before and after activities, and being mindful of one’s own limitations can drastically reduce the chances of a hand fracture.

Healthy Gardening Practices

Particular care should be taken when using gardening tools. Proper grip techniques and avoiding forceful or repetitive movements can significantly prevent injuries.

Safety in Sports

For sports enthusiasts, investing in good-quality gloves or handguards, learning and following the right techniques, and, most critically, valuing safety over competition can make a world of difference.

PRP Injections for Hand Fractures

If you do acquire a hand injury, Regional Hand Center has many non-surgical options to facilitate your healing. One such treatment is PRP injections, a groundbreaking option that uses the body’s own cells to help accelerate the healing of fractured bones and sprained ligaments. PRP therapy not only shortens the recovery period but can also lower the likelihood of needing surgery.

Schedule a Consultation

No matter how careful we are, accidents can happen. But rest assured, recovery is always within reach. Here at the Regional Hand Center, we take pride in offering advanced treatments that significantly reduce the impact of hand fractures, facilitating quick recovery. To schedule a consultation, head to our website and fill out an online contact form today.
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